Company Overview

Our Mission

To share our passion for innovation and to maximize our clients’ success by providing process technologies and integrated IP that inspire smarter products. Our aim is to develop special purpose partnerships to realize the full potential of IP assets to maximize value and marketplace effectiveness.

Our Values

We believe that having a unified mission and living by strong values is the key to good business. That’s why these core values are at the heart of every decision we make. eSurface is innovative, impactful, engaged and committed.

  • Innovative. eSurface designs innovative process technologies that will inspire new products and manufacturing techniques.
  • Impactful. Industry adoption of the eSurface process will be impactful on a global level.
  • Engaged. The eSurface team takes a hands-on approach and is engaged in providing their clients, as well as the industry, with full product solutions at the highest quality.
  • Committed. eSurface is committed to improving their clients’ success and making positive changes in the evolution of the electronics industry.

Our Approach

EarthOne Circuit Technologies Corporation (the “Company”) is a Delaware corporation, established to commercialize eSurface® Technologies (“eSurface”), the Company’s patented advanced-materials manufacturing technology.  The eSurface fully-additive metallization technology allows conductive material to covalently bond “in” the surface of any material that can receive a photo-image, leading to significant innovation, cost reduction, unprecedented efficiencies and virtual elimination of toxic waste generated by conventional print and etch methods.  Because of its overlapping nature, eSurface’s technology has applications in multiple markets and is poised to discover many “Acres of Diamonds” wherein strategic partnerships built upon Intellectual Property (IP) and product collaborations abound.

In 1890 Russell H. Conwell published a timeless short book, titled “Acres of Diamonds,” featuring the true story of a farmer who unwittingly sold his farm for a fraction of its value because he failed to realize that the stony soil in his field was rife with “diamonds in the rough.”  Similarly, many major companies today are sitting on a latent fortune comprised of neglected patents and other IP.  In many cases these companies have written down the book value of their IP to zero and they have insufficient knowledge and no cogent written plan to activate and optimize the monetary value of such IP.  Furthermore, IP can only be written off at the value of the R&D expense incurred to generate it.  Accordingly, unless discovered and optimized, IP that is acquired as part of the purchase of a company has little to no value even as a depreciable asset.

Through its application of the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), the eSurface management team is partnering with major OEMs to help them recognize the IP/Patents they already own and convert them into cash flow and equity value.  The Company is presently creating such SPVs with internationally-recognized OEMs that possess volumes of neglected and stranded IP and/or products wherein eSurface represents a manufacturing-process solution to current roadblocks.