Advanced West, Inc. to provide equipment support to eSurface licensees.

CARLSBAD, California ― eSurface® Technologies (DBA of EarthOne Circuit Technologies Corporation, a privately-held corporation), the creator and licensor of the eSurface proprietary patented technology for applied conductive materials, today announced the signing of Advanced West, Inc., as a certified supplier of specialty equipment to eSurface technology licensees, the agreement is effective immediately.

Comac Engineering, a division of Advanced West, will provide specific specialty equipment inclusive in the execution of the eSurface technology to eSurface licensees such as applicators and developers.

“This is a great opportunity for Advanced West and Comac Engineering to be involved in assisting eSurface’s licensees help make the transition to a new technology by providing easy access to the needed equipment on an as-needed basis,”stated Brian Solo, Advanced West President. “eSurface is creating a new paradigm for how traditional PCB shops will be working in the near future and we are in the perfect position to support that transition.”

“We are constantly looking for ways to add value and provide assistance to the licensees of our technology,” explained David Benson, eSurface Chairman & CEO. “Brian and the folks at Advanced West are a wonderful resource for our licensees and further our goal of not only providing cutting-edge technology and IP but to provide the best of class services to facilitate the implementation of that technology.”

Advanced West & Comac Engineering Background:

Advanced West is a world leader in Previously-Owned and Rebuilt Equipment for the Printed Circuit Board (PCB), Nameplate, Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panel Manufacturing, Composite and Chemical Milling Industries. Our extensive inventory of rebuilt and tested equipment, ready to ship anywhere in the world. In business for over 20 years, Advanced West’s technicians are known for their quality craftsmanship. Advanced West is based in Santa Ana, California.

Comac Engineering, a division of Advanced West Inc., supplies affordable, compact and highly efficient conveyorized equipment to the Printed Circuit Board Fabrication, Chemical Milling and Nameplate industries. Established in 1983, Comac has sold over 2,400 machines worldwide.

Comac equipment includes: Tabletop Dryers, Turbine Floor Dryers, Heavy-Duty Rinse Dryers, (both with and without brushes), and Final Cleaning Washer Dryers. With the wide array of options, a system can be customized to meet your exact specifications. These options include: Flex conveyor for the transport of .002” material, Small parts conveyor that will transport routed parts down to 2”x 2.5”, Post HASL Cleaning and Final Wash and Drying for flat sub-straights, PCB’s, Photovoltaic (PV) Glass and Chem Milled parts.