M•CAM International LLC enlisted to serve as strategic IP market analyst and advisor.

CARLSBAD, California ― eSurface® Technologies (DBA of EarthOne Circuit Technologies Corporation, a privately-held corporation), the creator and licensor of the eSurface proprietary patented technology for applied conductive materials, today announced the enlistment of M•CAM International, LLC, as a strategic advisor in the areas of intellectual property (IP) and intangible assets (IA), use, value and implementation, effective immediately.

Under the signed agreement, M•CAM, through the use of their proprietary tools and core competencies, will support eSurface in providing a competitive advantage to its licensees and supply chain partners through the targeted application of eSurface’s intellectual properties. In this effort, M•CAM will provide an assessment of potential symbiotic patents, disclosures of know-how, business methods, and practices. From that process, eSurface and M•CAM will jointly identify discrete product development opportunities for specific potential customers, both domestically and in international markets.

“eSurface is one of a select class of companies that has developed a solution with the potential to solve multiple points of pain for many businesses in multiple industries,” stated Dave Martin, founder of M•CAM. “By committing resources to the fundamental re-imagination of how materials science, technological application, and industry performance can come together, eSurface has developed technologies that will put intelligence into products and industrial processes across a broad arc of industries. While they open entirely new technological advances on the one hand, their innovation will activate possibilities that were imagined years ago bringing state-of-the-art potential from the past into current reality.”

“We have always known the underpinnings of our technology had a tremendously wide potential application base,” explained David Benson, eSurface Chairman & CEO. “In the short term, we are completely changing the manufacturing paradigm for the electronics industry, but as significant as that is, it is truly the first step in how we will be using our IP to the benefit of our licensees moving forward. We believe the time is now for manufacturing to let go of the antiquated processes of the past and embrace the efficient, environmentally sustainable processes currently insisting on adoption. M•CAM is the perfect partner because they have the intellectual capital to understand the ramifications of where IP and IA can and should be leveraged and more importantly, they have creativity to imagine how various IP will work together.”

M•CAM International, LLC:

M•CAM is a global financial institution that advises corporations and investors on corporate finance and asset allocation by underwriting intellectual property (IP) and intangible assets (IA). From its roots in providing financial products enabling lenders to use IP and IA as regulatory acceptable collateral for lending, M•CAM’s capital solutions address the financial needs of businesses and investors in the Knowledge Economy.

M•CAM has been providing capital markets solutions to financial, sovereign, and corporate institutions since its inception in 1998. We work in over 160 countries. In addition to our commercial use across the global equity and debt markets, our platform has placed us as an advisor to help to set regulatory, audit, compliance and risk standards for intangible assets both domestically and internationally.