David Martin, founder and CEO of of M•CAM, Inc., was amongst our guests at the Murrietta Circuits Open House featuring the new eSurface process line. We are honored to be mentioned in his blog Inverted Alchemy.

“I watched the world see a 150% improvement in the state-of-the-art in circuit board technology on Thursday of this past week in Anaheim CA. The family-owned Murrietta Circuits roll out eSurface technology – the first covalently deposited, light activated PCB and IC technological platform – and succeeded in producing the first 2 x 2 – boards which will fundamentally alter not only board and circuit design but will transform the way in which we harness power to animate our technologies. There was no fanfare. There was no hype. But in one short week, this little company rolled out a technology based on magnetism and light – the ingredients used by Newton and the greats – to change the world of electronics, manufacturing, security, and energy. Like the popes and bishops in centuries past, the incumbent orthodoxy wasn’t there to proclaim its arrival as it was asleep in its bloated monotony. “

- See full article at: http://www.invertedalchemy.com/2014/11/newtons-apple-and-next-big-thing.html