Rowland Hanson

Global Communications and Director

Rowland Hanson is the former Vice President of Worldwide Marketing for Neutrogena Corporation and was personally recruited by Bill Gates to become one of Microsoft’s first marketing executives. In 1982, Rowland was appointed Vice President of Corporate Communications at Microsoft, and went on to create and execute the company’s highly acclaimed branding strategy. This included the market introduction of Microsoft’s most popular product – a graphical interface that he named “Windows.” The strategies he executed led to the global dominance of the Microsoft and Windows brands.

Today Rowland is currently involved with the Alumni Foundation at Microsoft where he is responsible for strategic partnerships. Created only a few years ago, the Foundation has been the catalyst for the formation of numerous non-profits around the world. Rowland has a BBA from Loyola University and an MBA from The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated on the Directors List of Distinction.