Q: When was the company started?
A: The company was established in August 2010. We are a Delaware corporation in good standing as EarthOne Circuit Technologies Corporation, DBA eSurface Technologies.
Q: Where is the company located?
A: The company headquarters along with the demonstration lab are located in Carlsbad, CA. Other offices nationally and internationally also serve the eSurface Team.
Q: How long has the Board of Directors been together?
A: 4 of the 5 Board of Directors have been together since the inception of the company, joined most recently by Michael Corrigan.
Q: How long does it take to acquire a license?
A: This is determined by a few factors, but the average duration is between 30-60 days.
Q: After I license the eSurface process, do I need to purchase new equipment?
A:Yes, eSurface along with its certified suppliers have manufactured a specialty equipment line that optimizes the eSurface process.
Q: How long does it take to implement the process?
A:It depends on the complexity of manufacturing operations. Typically a 6-8 month transition would be required.
Q: Is eSurface Technologies a manufacturer?
A: No, in fact any manufacturing jobs or requests we receive we refer to one of our licensed manufacturers.
Q: Is the eSurface process only an additive process?
A: No the eSurface process can also be a semi-additive process.