The eSurface technology is an additive circuit process, that produces ultra-fine conductive features. It can also be utilized as an optimum approach to the semi-additive process of the industry. This proprietary process that can metalize a variety of surfaces, regardless of shape or size, can be licensed by manufacturers to enhance their fabrication process, enabling new product design solutions for cutting-edge applications, while realizing huge cost savings.

Key Advantages

The eSurface  technology in its most basic form, provides the following technical advantages:

  • Dramatically reduced etch complications: Opens design rules for etch back and undercutting tolerances, enabling tighter tolerances and ending complications with overhang such as signal integrity.
  • Higher yield on finer features: The eSurface technology enables high manufacturing yields of fine pitch geometries found on HDI applications, facilitating reliable and repeatable conductor trace width and spacing.
  • Opens up opportunity to add features: Smaller circuit density capability affords additional room to add circuitry and components in the same volumetric area.
  • Unleashes material selections: The eSurface technology can metallize standard industry substrates, as well as a variety of new substrates including non-planar and flexible surfaces. The eSurface technology is also being tested for use with other industry materials such as: glass, plastics and composites.
  • Increased manufacturing efficiency: Higher yields, recoverable processing and denser circuit design results in increases in manufacturing efficiency.
  • Provides a recoverable process during lamination steps: With no high temperature processes or chemistries volatile to substrate, layers can be reworked if necessary.
  • Superior bond: Industry leading pull tests & adhesion.
  • MIL/IPC specifications: Circuits produced with the eSurface proprietary process have physical and mechanical properties that can exceed many IPC and industry critical standards, typically with appreciably better peel strength.
  • Reduced Hazardous Waste: The eSurface technology eliminates etch processing, reducing the need for hazardous chemicals and lowers waste generation.

Conventional Process vs eSurface Fully Additive Proprietary Process

Conventional Process vs eSurfaceDue to the yield improvements and reduced processing steps, the eSurface technology is less costly than existing manufacturing processes. Implementing the eSurface technology requires limited capital expenditure and eSurface along with its certified suppliers have manufactured a low cost specialty equipment line that optimizes the eSurface technology.The eSurface proprietary technology is a novel and fundamental invention in the evolution of the electronics industry that will allow companies to build electronics cheaper, smaller, faster, lighter, and more functional.