The eSurface process, produces ultra-fine conductive features with the additive circuit process to meet or exceed industry standards and requirements. It can also be utilized as an optimum approach to the semi-additive process of the industry. This proprietary process that will metalize virtually any surface, regardless of shape, size or material, can be licensed by manufacturers to enhance their PCB fabrication process, enabling new product design solutions for cutting-edge applications, while realizing huge cost savings.

Key Advantages

The eSurface  process is a transformational and evolutionary technology; and in its most basic form, provides the following technical advantages:

  • Reduces production steps: The eSurface proprietary process can eliminate approximately 75% of standard PCB manufacturing process steps, and as a result removes a number of undesirable variables.
  • Higher yield on finer features: The eSurface process is a robust technology that enables high manufacturing yields of fine pitch geometries found in HDI applications, facilitating reliable and repeatable sub 1 mil conductor trace width and spacing.
  • Unleashes material selections: The eSurface process is not limited to standard industry substrates and can be used to metallize virtually any surface including plastics, composites, ceramics, cloth, glass, and even foam with a low temperature non-invasive process. New advanced PCB materials with high performance attributes can now be utilized to their maximum potential.
  • Unrestricted shape: The eSurface process allows for metallization of any surface that can be imaged regardless of shape or rigidity. This includes non-planar and flexible surfaces, affording 3D packaging on such things as electronic cases or covers.
  • No over-etching: The eSurface process does not suffer from the undercutting or loss of features found with conventional etching fabrication methods, enabling tighter tolerances and ending complications of overhang.
  • Meets or exceeds current MIL/IPC specifications: Circuits produced with the eSurface proprietary process have physical and mechanical properties that exceed many IPC and industry critical standards, typically with appreciably better peel strength, durability and reliability.
  • No Hazardous Waste: The eSurface proprietary process uses no toxic chemicals and has no hazardous waste providing a “Greener Solution” for manufacturing facilities.

Conventional Process vs eSurface Proprietary Process

Conventional Process vs eSurface
eSurface reduces a seventeen step process to only five steps in this example


The eSurface process is less costly than existing manufacturing processes. This cost savings is not just limited to the direct process cost, but “indirect” cost advantages extend to inventory management, significant electric utilities savings, waste management savings, and a notable decreased need for manufacturing floor space.  Indeed, every facet of the cost structure of an existing manufacturer will experience levels of savings.

The eSurface process can utilize manufacturers existing equipment and standard processes, so only limited capital expenditure is required.  However, eSurface along with its certified suppliers have manufactured a low cost specialty equipment line that optimizes the eSurface Process. In both cases, return on investment can be realized within the first 6 months of production. To see a video on the eSurface process steps click here.

The eSurface proprietary process is a novel and fundamental invention in the evolution of the electronics industry that will allow companies to build electronics cheaper, smaller, faster, lighter, and more functional – with our environmentally responsible “green” technology.