Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


This site and all of its contents, including all text and images, (collectively “Content”) are owned or licensed by EarthOne Circuit Technologies Corporation, its subsidiaries or related companies.  All rights are reserved unless otherwise noted. You are granted a limited, non-sublicenseable, non‑exclusive right to access this site and print the Content only for your personal, non‑commercial, and informational use. Any other use of any Content without the express written permission of EarthOne Circuit Technologies Corporation is strictly prohibited.


The trademarks and service marks displayed on this site are trademarks owned or licensed by EarthOne Circuit Technologies Corporation, its subsidiaries or related companies (collectively or individually “EarthOne” and “EarthOne Marks”). Trademarks are an important means by which EarthOne identifies our company, products, and services to the public, and by which the public, in turn, recognizes our company, products and services. EarthOne Marks include, but are not limited to, ‘eSurface’, and ‘Covaler’. Any use of EarthOne Marks or any confusingly similar marks, in any manner including, but not limited to, use in metatags or other “hidden text” is strictly prohibited without the prior express written permission of EarthOne or a licensed subsidiary. Other third-party trademarks used on this site belong to their respective owners.

If EarthOne has given you express written permission to use one or more of the EarthOne Marks, your use must be in accordance with the following Trademark Use Guidelines. These Guidelines may be changed at any time. A change to the Guidelines published on the website is deemed to be sufficient notice of said change.

Do Not Change the Mark From Singular to Plural, or From Plural to Singular.

Do Not Add a Hyphen, Apostrophe or Other Punctuation, or Alter, Modify or Edit the Mark in any way.

Trademarks Should be Visually Distinct from Other Text, Images, and Materials.
This can be accomplished by block lettering, bold lettering, or italicized lettering.

Do Not Use Taglines in Sentences

Never use, seek to register or register any of the EarthOne Marks, or a confusingly similar mark in any unauthorized way, including without limitations as all or part of your company name, trade name, product name, service name or domain name.

Never place your company name, trademark, service marks, or product names (or those of others) next to (or combine them with) any of the EarthOne Marks.

Never use any of the EarthOne Marks or any confusingly similar mark to identify services or products provided by a third party.

Use a Proper Trademark Notice.

There are two proper notices for trademarks: ™ or ®. The Ò indicates a registered trademark in the U.S., and perhaps other jurisdictions. The Ô indicates an unregistered trademark for which EarthOne claims trademark rights. The appropriate symbol should be placed next to each mark in the same position as a footnote, as follows:

The first time the mark appears on each page of the website.

The first time the mark appears in a document.

Any use of one or more of the EarthOne Marks should include an attribution statement in the form: ” [Insert names of marks] is/are a trademark of EarthOne Circuit Technologies Corporation or its related companies.”

Any variation from these guidelines must be approved in writing by legal counsel for EarthOne. Other personnel and employees of EarthOne do not have authority to grant this permission.

Linking to this Site:

Third parties may link to this site, as long as the following conditions are met:

Links must be to the homepage of the site.

Links must use the plain text name of the site (www. eSurface.com) or the full name of the company (EarthOne Circuit Technologies Corporation) and must not use any other logo, design, or trademark of EarthOne.

Links must not give the impression that the third party website or the third party is affiliated with, sponsored by, or in a relationship with EarthOne or suggest that EarthOne endorses, sponsors, or recommends the third party or any information, products, or services of the third party.

The third party must not include any Content from this site on its site (such as by framing).

EarthOne Circuit Technologies Corporation reserves the right to terminate any link that it deems inappropriate or inconsistent with its site or it business purposes.